Shipping | Flip Top Table by Linden Blue
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When you request a quote for your flip top table, we will supply a shipping and delivery estimate for your order to the final destination.


Shipping estimates are provided as a courtesy and as such, Flip Top Dining Table, as a subsidiary of Lindsay Hair Interiors, is not responsible for terms and conditions set forth by freight company, nor liable for any disputes or damages as a result of shipping and handling by the contracted freight company. Claims for damage should be filed promptly with the transportation company (see guidelines below).


Transport schedules are estimates only and Vendor does not guarantee delivery schedule.


Flip Top Dining Table, a subsidiary of Lindsay Hair Interiors, is not liable for dimensional confirmation for access into final destination or placement within. No refunds or exchanges allowed for furniture that does not fit into the purchaser’s delivery address.


Purchaser or purchaser’s representative must be present at the time of delivery for inspection and release of the shipment.